July 17, 2024

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC) is a timeless masterpiece in the world of gaming. Released initially in 2011 and later bundled with all its downloadable content in 2013, this PC game has continued to captivate players with its immersive open-world experience, captivating storyline, and endless modding possibilities.

A fantastic journey awaits you as the Dragonborn, a hero prophesied to have the power to shout and command the ancient Thu’um. Make a character that fits your preferred play style, whether using powerful weapons, mastering magical abilities or operating incognito as an assassin. Engage in exciting battles with dragons, unearth treasure in forgotten dungeons, and influence the world’s future.


Introduction to Mods

The modder community in Skyrim is one of the game’s most impressive elements. The modding community has produced thousands of add-ons, from visual upgrades to new storylines. The fact that Skyrim may be altered with mods to the player’s preference makes it an excellent game.

Popular Mods

Find out which mods are the greatest and how they’ve increased the intrigue of Skyrim. From “Falskaar” for exploring a massive new universe to “SkyUI” for a redesigned user interface, the modding community has something to offer everyone.

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)


  • Dragonborn (Player Character): The protagonist of the game, you are the Dragonborn, a mortal with the power to absorb the souls of dragons and use their shouts or Thu’um.
  • Alduin: The game’s primary antagonist, Alduin, is an ancient dragon who seeks to destroy the world. It would help if you confronted him as the Dragonborn.
  • Paarthurnax: A dragon who helps the Dragonborn in their quest to defeat Alduin. He serves as a mentor and a key ally.
  • Delphine: A member of the Blades, an organization dedicated to protecting the Dragonborn. She is essential to the primary objective.
  • Esbern: Esbern is another Blade who knows his stuff about the Dragonborn and Dragon lore. You may count on his help as you attempt to defeat Alduin.
  • Ulfric Stormcloak: He is the Jarl of Windhelm and the head of the Stormcloaks in the civil war in Skyrim. The game’s plot is affected greatly by his choices.
  • General Tullius: The Imperial general leading the fight against the Stormcloaks. He represents the Imperial Legion in the civil war.
  • Aela the Huntress: a fighter in Whiterun who is a part of the Companions. She’s important to the questline of the Companions.
  • Serena: A vampire and a key character in the “Dawnguard” DLC. She can become a follower and has a complex backstory.
  • Miraak: The main antagonist of the “Dragonborn” DLC. He is another Dragonborn and poses a threat to Skyrim.
  • Sheogorath: The Daedric Prince of Madness, known for his eccentric and unpredictable behavior. He appears in the “Dragonborn” DLC.
  • Farengar Secret-Fire: The court wizard of Whiterun who plays a role in the game’s early stages.
  • Brynjolf: A member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. He initiates the Dragonborn into the guild.
  • Astrid: The leader of the Dark Brotherhood, a secretive group of assassins. She gives you various assassination contracts.
  • Balgruuf the Greater: The Jarl of Whiterun plays a pivotal role in the game’s early stages.

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)

Immersion and Storytelling

Quests and Factions

The quests and stories of the many factions in Skyrim have become legendary. Participate in the heroic efforts of the Companions, join the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. The stakes and payoffs of each quest arc are different.

Role-Playing Opportunities

Your actions have consequences in Skyrim. Dive into the role and see how your choices affect the planet. Which side of the moral spectrum will you occupy? The game’s ability to adapt to different stories is unprecedented.

The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)

System Requirements of The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)


  • OSWindows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version)
  • Processor intel i5-750/AMD Phenom II X4-945
  • STORAGE12 GB available space


  • OSWindows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version)
  • Processor intel i5-2400/AMD FX-8320
  • STORAGE12 GB available space

How to Download?

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  • Download and install The File, and then You Will Be Able To Install The Game.
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  • After Completing The Installation, You Can Enjoy The Elder Scrolls V 5: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC) Free on PC.


Regarding video games, the Legendary Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still the gold standard. Every PC gamer should try it because of its enormous, immersive universe, intricate gameplay mechanics, and limitless modding opportunities. Skyrim is more than just a game because of the legacy it has left and the effect it has had on the gaming industry as a whole.


  • Is it worthwhile to play Skyrim Legendary Edition in 2019?

Absolutely! Skyrim’s ageless appeal and robust modding community ensure it will continue to captivate new and veteran players for years.

  • Is a high-end PC required to run Skyrim: Legendary Edition?

While Skyrim has been optimized for performance, with its added content and maximum settings, the Legendary Edition may demand a PC with at least modest specs.

  • In Skyrim: Legendary Edition, what add-ons would you consider essential?

Popular add-ons include “SkyUI,” “Alternate Start—Live Another Life,” “Immersive Citizens—AI Overhaul,” and “RealVision ENB.” However, the optimal modifications for your playstyle and personal tastes will vary.

  • How long does Skyrim’s main quest take to finish?

Depending on your play style and how many side missions you choose to undertake, the main questline might take anywhere from 20 to 50 hours to complete.

  • Is Skyrim getting a remake anytime soon?

There have been no official announcements of any more remastered versions of Skyrim as of my most recent knowledge update in September of 2021.